Company Identification Questionnaires (CIQs)

What is the Company Identification Questionnaire (CIQ)? And how does the CIQ relate to RMI’s standards and assessments?

The Company Identification Questionnaire (CIQ) is the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) key survey tool for information-gathering on companies in mineral supply chains. This document gathers relevant information on a company’s minerals operations and production in order to determine the company’s eligibility for participation in the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP), including any RMI's Mineral Due Diligence standards and ESG standard, as well as the Downstream Assessment Program (DAP). The CIQ was previously titled the Smelter Identification Questionnaire (SIQ). The RMI does not publicly share individual company operations information gathered through the CIQ process. 

If you want a supplier to engage in an RMAP or DAP assessment, or if you are a company seeking an assessment, the CIQ is the first document that must be completed. 

General CIQ for 3TG, Mica, Cobalt, and DAP

To submit the information for a smelter or refiner for tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG), as well as cobalt and mica, or for a downstream company, that is not currently on the Standard Smelter Reference List, download and complete the general Company Identification Questionnaire.

Emerging Minerals CIQ (Excluding 3TG, Cobalt, Mica) 

To submit the name of a company for any mineral (excluding 3TG, cobalt, mica), download and complete the Emerging Minerals Company Identification Questionnaire (also available in Chinese).

Submit completed CIQs to

Completing the CIQ

The CIQ can be completed at any time by any company. For example, RMI member companies interested in requesting that their suppliers undergo an RMI assessment may complete and submit a CIQ. CIQs can also be completed and submitted to the RMI by prospective auditees themselves. Participating RMAP and DAP auditees may also complete CIQs for
their supplying smelters, refiners or processors; this can be helpful when identifying a need, in the course of their own due diligence, for a supplier to complete an RMAP assessment. A CIQ must be completed for each individual company site (facility).

For assistance in completing a CIQ, please contact